Many Brits would prefer their meat to be clearly marked as Halal if they were being served it in a restaurant, according to a recent poll. The issue drew headlines this week after it emerged that sporting venues across London regularly serve Halal products to customers without informing them, either for religious or cost reasons.

  • 73% of the British population think that restaurants and caterers should be required to label Halal meat if they serve it
  • 81% of the 60+ age group think that Halal food should be labelled compared to a smaller 57% of 18-24s who think labelling should be a requirement

Respondents to a separate poll are divided over how humane they consider Halal meat. 'Consumers should be informed of what they are paying for and be provided with a choice,' said one respondent, while the morality of Halal meat prompted another panellist to say 'Halal is more compassionate than stunning '. Another, however, called it 'a cruel practice'.

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