Last Tuesday, "Berlin Islam Week" opened its gates with the topic "Islam as Boogey Man." On the following days subjects like "Eco-Islam" and "Islamic Economy" (i.e., banking houses working without interest, using fees instead) were handled. Muslims and non-Muslims are supposed to meet there, listen to lectures, and discuss. The Berlin Senate appointee for integration, Günter Piening, acted as patron and said: "We have to show that Islam belongs here. Nevertheless I see a kind of self-victimization within a part of the Muslim community." However, Piening and the Berlin Senate are supporting an event which is openly pleading for more Sharia in Germany by, for example, promoting Islamic banking.

As an introduction there was a so-called "incentive lecture" by Prof. Wolfgang Benz, the chief anti-Semitism researcher of Germany, on the topic "Islam as Boogey Man — Myth or Reality?"

He started off likening fear of the Muslim Brotherhood to fear of a Jewish world conspiracy, as written in the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Then he drew a comparison that left us speechless.

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