This past Friday I received a plaintive appeal on behalf of my colleague, Danish journalist and historian Lars Hedegaard — President of the Danish Free Press Society and The International Free Press Society (IFPS). My response to the appeal is included at the end of this essay as a succinct guide to Islamically perplexed, high-profile U.S. conservative media elites who, until now, have entirely ignored the burgeoning crisis epitomized by Lars Hedegaard's current plight. It is well past time for these self-anointed champions of free speech to weigh-in publicly and offer a robust defense of my colleague — and theirs.

Whom am I addressing in conservative media, specifically? All of the best-known and "highest-rated" (as they are constantly reminding us, at any rate) radio and television personalities: Mr. No Spin, what say you? Dittos to you, Rush. Don't continue to be a mute mime clown on this matter, Glenn. You're not ringing in support of freedom of speech, Sean, and I'll indeed bite you if you don't open your loud — but highly intelligent — mouth in support of Hedegaard, Mark.

As for the conservative or "center-right" print/online media icons — the editorial boards of the National Review, Weekly Standard, and Wall Street Journal – your continued silence is craven and hypocritical, not golden.

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