A conference convened last month by the Islamic extremist group Hizb-ut Tahrir in Chicago cheered the fall of secular governments in the Middle East and the political rise of groups advocating for the re-imposition of Islamic law and the revival of the global caliphate, such as the Muslim Brotherhood. The speakers at the conference also endorsed a similar program in the West, particularly America.

One of the attendees at the conference is doing his part to make that dream of Islamic rule in America a reality.

Devin Zentmyer, who also goes by his Islamic name Abu Amatullah, is a 24-year-old prison convert who operates the Shariah4USA Facebook page and the Shariah4USA YouTube account. His MyLife profile lists his current location as Leland, Illinois, about 70 miles southwest of Chicago. A January 2007 police blotter notes his arrest on three separate warrants in three different counties for attempted obstruction of justice, failure to appear, and possession of marijuana. A May 2007 blog entry on his MySpace page notes he was incarcerated at the time in the Kendall County Jail.

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