It is still too soon to know much about the twin terror attacks in Oslo yesterday – the bombing of government buildings in which at least seven people died, and the shooting rampage at a summer camp that, at last count, killed more than 80 children.

But given what we do know – that the man behind the attacks was white, Christian, Norwegian, and right wing — we should have seen this coming. It is, in many ways, the inevitable outcome of a multiculturalist ideal that, in practice, has failed – and in this case, failed fatally.

Usually, one tends to think of this problem as one that leads to Muslim attacks on non-Muslim targets – the rocks tossed at homosexuals in Amsterdam; the assassination attempts on Kurt Westergaard, the Danish cartoonist whose drawings of Mohammed in 2006 continue to be a source of controversy and rage; the death threats against teachers in France and Holland and elsewhere when they try to teach their students about the Holocaust. But there are two sides to this coin, as any, and we've just seen the other one.

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