EDITOR'S NOTE: The following article by Willis E. Elliott  was rejected by the Washington Post's "On Faith" blog. It was a response to a question on Muslim-Christian relations posted by "On Faith's" Elizabeth Tenety and still online here. Dr. Elliott had been publishing on that blog nearly weekly for over three years. This article was the first of his they rejected, with the exception of one other that entailed only a minor revision, according to the author. In our continuing interest in freedom of speech, Pajamas Media presents it here.

Elizabeth Tenety of the Post posted the following topic of discussion, still online here:

The Mutual Blasphemy of Christianity and Islam.

2011 began with some bleak news for Muslim-Christian relations around the world.

Recent attacks against churches in Iraq, Nigeria and Egypt have killed dozens of Christian worshippers. Meanwhile, the Pakistani government is standing by the country's controversial blasphemy law which critics say threatens religious minorities.

How should political and religious leaders in America and abroad deal with these challenges to interfaith relations?

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