The events in Norway are on everybody's mind these days. A lone terrorist, a native Norwegian with an anti-Muslim political agenda, has killed 76 people, including children and teens attending a Labor Party camp. The media are in a feeding frenzy – editorialists and talking heads are busy pontificating about "Islamophobia," fascist hate-mongers and unhinged Western radicals and zealots, and Norwegians are in a state of collective shock. How could such a thing happen in a prosperous, peaceable and presumably enlightened socialist country like Norway? What is most surprising, however, is that people are surprised.

The dynamic at work is plain to see. It should be obvious that our cultural and political blindness must eventually lead to violent social upheaval. As Islam gathers strength with every passing day in Europe, determined to impose Shariah law through incremental steps and accommodating legislation, and as the European left mounts little significant resistance to these encroachments and even enacts policies abetting the Islamic incursion into the body social, the resentment animating large segments of the European public is bound to be exploited by extremist groups and individuals.

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