If you want a pretty good example of just why multiculturalism is so poisonous, here's one for you.

I live in Norway.  Here, as elsewhere in Europe, there reside innumerable immigrants from the Muslim world who despise Western values, reject sexual equality, and affirm primitive patriarchal codes and concepts of "honor" that condemn people (mostly females) to death for infractions that neither you nor I would even recognize as infractions.  Nonetheless these individuals enjoy Norwegian residency, and in some cases Norwegian citizenship, which some of them were granted because they claimed asylum (most likely on specious grounds, as demonstrated by the fact that many, if not most, of them return regularly to the countries from which they supposedly "fled"), and which others were granted because they married Norwegian residents (usually their own cousins, whom they married for no other reason than to acquire Western residency).

Every now and then there come along people from the Muslim world who are legitimate asylum-seekers – people who really would be in danger if they returned to their homelands, people to whom Western countries should feel a moral obligation to grant residency, and people from whose presence those countries would actually benefit, precisely because they're people who will appreciate freedom more than most of the rest of us do.  To put it another way, they're the kind of immigrants who, generation by generation, have renewed the American spirit and the American dream by reminding those of us whose ancestors preceded them just how precious a thing freedom is.

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