The U.S. Department of Justice is becoming a wing of the Muslim Brotherhood. The Obama administration is bowing to Muslim Brotherhood-linked groups and stopping the use of all training materials for law enforcement and national security officials that refer to jihad and any and all references to Islam. Yet Anwar al-Awlaki was a devout imam who preached the Quran. So let me understand this: Obama executed Awlaki for preaching jihad. That was all he did. Awlaki did not kill anyone. And yet Obama orders law enforcement to drop all mention of jihad and the Islamic motivation of terrorists. What's the difference?

Why did he kill Awlaki?

The Justice Department held a seminar last week on "Confronting Discrimination in the Post 9-11 Era." Among the treacherous conspirators indoctrinating believers and non-believers was the notorious Jew-hating pollster James Zogby and the ghastly leader of the Muslim Brotherhood-tied Islamic Society of North America (ISNA), Mohammed Magid.

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