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Prosecutor in Sieradz says that Poland has probably seen its first case of honor killing. 34-year old Agnieszka, a mother of four, was murdered 2 years ago in June. Prosecution has accused a 40-year old Pakistani called Naaem, who has lived in Poland for 10 years. The investigation, according to prosecutor Józef Mizerski, is not a typical a one in Poland. It is known as the honor killing. "In Pakistan, in 2007 alone, 1261 women lost their lives and none of the perpetrators was held responsible", says Mizerski.

This case confirms the pattern of honor murder as described by Phyllis Chysler who is a feminist activist working with cases of honor killing.

Agnieszka comes from a poor family and at one point of her life she meets "a charming prince" – as Chysler calls the perpetrator in that initial phase. Out of love for him she converts to islam. They have children. Finally, they decide to move to Pakistan. The situation changes dramatically there. Agnieszka is in fact enslaved by him and his family. Working hard and fed with leftovers of food, she is also bitten. Finally she decides to escape to Poland, but the children stay in Pakistan. In order to earn money and get them out she works as a prostitute. But when she comes back to Pakistan, she stays a year there again. Finally some gossips that the family wants to sell her daughters and send her son to a madrasa motivate her to escape with the help of the Polish embassy.

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