One of the more peculiar twists in the caliphate's tale is that a sizable amount of the funding for Islamic propaganda aimed at Americans comes from Muslim-owned defense contractors.

Sabtech Industries recently made the news when it lost its security clearance after some suspicious donations to Muslim charities cost its president, Rahim Sabadia, his security clearance. Sabtech's work on upgrading the Navy's AEGIS system on warships put it at the nerve center of one of the most important defense technologies in the United States.

The real question, though, is not how Rahim Sabadia lost his security clearance, but how he got it in the first place. Sabadia was foreign born and had close ties to Pakistan as a member of (COPA) the Council of Pakistan-American Affairs. After being stopped on his return trip from Turkey, he used his favorite congressman to introduce a bill allowing people with their names on no fly lists to have them removed.

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