The Muslim Brotherhood has long been a major political force in the Muslim world. Its power comes from a deep conviction among Muslims in general that its ideology represents true Islam and that it is the front line of defense of Islam and its protection from any novelty or change. As a matter of fact, there is a law in Sharia that entrusts the Muslim head of state with just that: protecting Islam from any "bidaa" — meaning novelty. Many Muslims in the West defend not only the Brotherhood but also many of its affiliates such as Hamas, and place them in high regard. To many Muslims, criticizing the Brotherhood is equivalent to attacking Islam itself. Thus, the Brotherhood has been a major force in bringing down regimes and installing new governments, and whether we like it or not they will play a significant role in any administration, whether it is openly Islamic or nominally secular.

Wherever Muslims go, the Brotherhood will follow. It has now even infiltrated many non-Muslim countries, including the U.S. and even our government. As a fellow Egyptian, I have no doubt that the head-covered, Egyptian-born White House advisor Dalia Mogahed is herself a Muslim Brotherhood and Hamas sympathizer and Sharia defender. She helped write president Obama's Cairo speech, which was geared to appease and legitimize the Brotherhood, the very organization that inspired Al-Qaeda that attacked America on 9/11. Obama believed that he would be the hero who will make the Muslim world love us, but he ended up only empowering the Brotherhood against both Arab reformists and Western interests.

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