On June 20, The Muslim Public Affairs Council(MPAC), which brags about consulting media outlets such as CNN and even congressional representatives,  hosted an event on Capitol Hill entitled, "A Solution in Search of a Problem: The Impact of Anti-Sharia Bills in America." In order for this forum to be successful, MPAC needed to address the questions: what is Sharia and why are the courts taking up the issue? Unfortunately, MPAC did not take advantage of the media coverage to educate or ease American's concern about this hot topic.

The first problem: Sharia, the "solution," remained undefined. Noha Bakr, Commissioner of the Montgomery (MD) County Commission for Women, referred to it ambiguously as, "something that is not tangible, and something you cannot just read out of a book."

The second issue was not addressing what sparked Anti-Sharia bills and why it is a pressing issue.  Instead, Daniel Mach, Director of the American Civil Liberties Union's Program on Freedom of Religion and Belief, called the Anti-Sharia  movement unconstitutional and proceeded with a retelling of how Muslim inmate, Sharif Mahommed, was denied Halal meat in prison and took his "discrimination" case to the Supreme Court and won.

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