A prison chaplain and mosque teacher claims the New York Post defamed her by reporting that she engaged in "radicalization of prison inmates," an assertion she says is "patently false." Melody Rashada claims the Post and its reporter Patrick Dunleavy libeled her in the Sept. 2, 2010 story headlined "Converts to Terror," with the subheadline, "The Prison Chaplain Problem."

In her complaint in New York County Court, Rashada says she is "politically moderate and abhors terrorism and violence, including that done in the name of Islam."

Rashada describes herself in the complaint as "a teacher, although not an imam, at Masjid Al-Ikhlas, an Islamic mosque in Newburgh, New York. She is also a chaplain in the New York prison system ... and in such capacity gives spiritual counsel and advice to female inmates, presently at Beacon Correctional Facility."

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