Recently some residents in Farmington Hills, Michigan filed a lawsuit against the Farmington Hills School Board for authorizing the sale of Eagle Elementary to the Islamic Cultural Association (ICA). While the ICA was successful in its bid, the Michigan Islamic Academy (MIA) of Ann Arbor had its rezoning request to build a school rejected by the Pittsfield Township Planning Commission. The case has left many wondering about possible discrimination.

Those opposing the sale to the ICA are accused of bias towards Muslims.  During a Farmington Hills school board meeting in June several protested the sale and made testimonies regarded as hate messages by many. The lawsuit alleges marketing studies were not exercised during the sale and the board never allowed other potential buyers the opportunity to make offers on the school which was on the verge of being demolished at the time.

The Pittsfield Planning Commission held a vote on Aug. 4 to deny a rezoning request from the MIA to build an Islamic school on a piece of property the group purchased. The Pittsfield Township Board of Trustees has final authority and is expected to vote on the issue at an upcoming meeting according to a news report.

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