60% of Dutch Muslim women aged 15-35 (around 80,000 women) wear a headscarf. Not due to oppression, but as part of their identity. This according to a national survey conducted for 'Hoofdboek', a large-scale project to give Dutch a peek into the world of women who wear a headscarf. The project consists of a book, survey, traveling exhibition and a social media platform on headscarves.

According to the survey, the headscarf is increasingly a fashion item, and is adapted to the outfit. 41% said that the headscarf increasingly reflects the identity of the wearer, but 88% of the headscarf-wearers say that you can also look attractive with it.

Close to 75% of those not wearing a headscarf said they might do so in the future. While the Dutch think Muslim girls start wearing a headscarf at 13, the average age is actually 19, which means it's a conscious and personal choice.

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