Politicians will do anything for a vote, including giving $150,000.00 of your money to Muslim Hate Preachers. Following is an excerpt from an e-mail forwarded to my attention in which NAMF - The North American Muslim Foundation brags about their score. The jpeg below has the entire announcement.

"The North American Muslim Foundation is honored to be a recipient of the 2011/2012 Ontario Trillium Foundation – Community Capital Fund.  The North American Muslim Foundation is grateful to be able to lead the community in providing accessible and inclusive programs and services within the province of Ontario. NAMF serves as a principal example in the area of regional education and development.  NAMF has been granted $150,000 to renovate our 6478 square-foot Gym area in order to create a recreational centre that will provide fitness and wellness services to all people within the community.  The state-of-the art recreational centre will be open to help residents lead healthy active lives.  A culturally-sensitive space will be created to increase the overall well being of the people of all ages and abilities, through physical and mental stimulation.  As a result of this gym, active living will be emphasized and exposed to several demographics which have no/limited access to appropriate information and knowledge.  We are thankful to the Ontario Trillium Foundation for recognizing our efforts and providing us with assistance in helping to make a difference in the lives of many."

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