Call it Katie Couric's "Sarah Palin Moment."

As pretty much everyone knows by now, during a wrap-up of the events of 2010, CBS anchorwoman Katie Couric expressed concern about what she felt was "seething hatred" she claims faces Muslims in America." Her solution? "Maybe we need a Muslim version of  'The Cosby Show,'" Couric suggested. "I know that sounds crazy. But 'The Cosby Show' did so much to change attitudes about African Americans in this country, and I think sometimes people are afraid of what they don't understand." That will change, proposed Couric, "if they [Muslims] became part of the popular culture."

Popular culture? Like Kareem Abdul-Jabaar? Like Mohammed Ali? Like Ahmad Rashad? Memet Oz, perhaps, named among both Esquire's and  Time's "Most Influential" lists? How about  Ice Cube, perhaps, or Mike Tyson, or Jermaine Jackson, or Snoop Dogg – all Muslims?

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