CBS anchor Katie Couric recently went on record deploring the "bigotry" and "seething hatred" that Muslims are supposed to be facing in the U.S., and proposing a "Muslim version of the Cosby Show" as a remedy to this lamentable situation. Of course, Ms. Couric's reading of America's ostensible anti-Muslim attitude is total nonsense of the sort associated with the political delirium of the "progressivist" class. The American people on the whole are probably among the most tolerant to be found anywhere in the world, with the glaring exception of the scandal-mongering left that has falsely donned the egalitarian mantle.

Apart from the sheer absurdity of Ms. Couric's suggestion, there is also a dramatis personae problem. Who would such a TV show include among its characters, wonders Abigail Esman in a FrontPage Magazine article: wannabe Times Square bomber Faisal Shahzad, or Farooque Ahmed who planned to bomb Washington's Metrorail stations, or Nadal Malik Hassan who slaughtered his fellow soldiers at Ford Hood? But why stop there? How about Dallas resident Yasser Abdel Said who did away with his two teenage daughters for dating unapproved boys? Or Zein Issa in St. Louis who killed his daughter for dating an African-American? Or Chaudhry Rashid in Jonesboro, Georgia, who strangled his daughter for trying to leave an arranged marriage? Or Mohammed Shojaeifard of Roslyn, New York, who shot his estranged wife, mother-in-law and young daughter? To name just a few.

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