Teaching hate and sponsoring back-to-school giveaways may seem like two very different campaigns, but both are components of one of America's largest mainstream Muslim organizations. The Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) is promoting a public image of charity and moderation, while at the same time teaching its members about the pros of violence and the evil of Jews and America.

Each quarter of the year, ICNA's women's organization releases a curriculum about required activities and reading for the group's members and Members of the General Assembly (MGAs). While required books like Don't be Sad and Islam in Focus may sound innocuous, they contain hateful messages.

"The effect that fighting in the way of Allah has upon a person is something that we might not accept, but it is something that our conscience accepts. Whenever the soul avoids combating evil, its level of fear and anxiety increase," says the book Don't Be Sad, a required reading text for both members and MGAs during the July-September quarter. "But if it [the soul] fights for the sake of Allah, Allah will transform fear and anxiety into happiness, strength, and vigor."

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