A Muslim woman shunned by her devout Muslim family for her "shameful" divorce dies a sudden death after "throwing herself on the floor" in front of her family, and it's classified an accident. That's what Florida law enforcement determined. No one was charged in the death of 48-year-old Fatima Abdallah in Florida. But there is evidence that she may have been a victim of Islamic honor killing, and that Tampa authorities are complicit in a cover-up.

Honor killing is the all too common Islamic practice in which a woman who has brought "shame" to the family is murdered to preserve family "purity." It should be exposed, investigated and stopped in the U.S. – not covered up. This is Shariah in America. The idea that a woman would die after she "threw herself to the floor" is institutionalized devaluation of women and tacit sanctioning of honor killing – in accord with Islamic law.

Medical examiner Laura Hair ruled Fatima Abdallah's death accidental. Deputy Police Chief Marc Hamlin said, "The bottom line is, no matter how long you investigate and no matter how much you investigate, it's not going to overrule the competent medical evidence that it was an accident." How do they know that? How is it more likely that she threw herself to the floor than she was fatally thrown to the floor?

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