The government appointed investigator looking into forced marriage here in Sweden says he is considering proposing legislation to make it illegal. Yesterday, the Swedish government renewed guidelines for embassies abroad, making sure they pay special attention if they get calls for help from children who have been taken abroad to be married against their will. A recent survey suggests that over eight thousand children and teens here fear they may be at risk.

The vast majority of them have their roots in other countries, and government investigator and Supreme Court Judge, Göran Lambertz, says he is erring towards suggesting forced marriages be banned.

"It's normally a case where a young person is asked by his or her family to marry a cousin or someone in close relation, and where it is not accepted that he or she would say no", he told Radio Sweden, "There can be physical force, but more often it's pressure that is put against this person that doesn't allow her to say know."

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