As student activists, we have experienced several incidents that have brought the reality of radical Islam and the teachings of jihad close to home. For example, on the York University campus, there are numerous Muslim students who show a tremendous amount of hatred toward Jews and deny the Holocaust and the right of Israel to exist. Some have openly said that Christians should hate Jews because they crucified Jesus. Many of these students were raised in Arab-Muslim countries, whose state-maintained media is horrifically anti-Semitic. More disturbing is that these students are seemingly sincere in their beliefs. They honestly and wholeheartedly believe that the Holocaust was made up by Jews to garner sympathy for one thing or another.

This past March, during Islamic Awareness Week at York, a Muslim student said that instead of the Christians United for Israel organization, there should be a Christians United for Sharia (Islamic) law organization. He was also a firm supporter of jihad against all infidels, and was proudly boasting about his belief in Sharia law and that Muslims would succeed in bringing it to North America. He specified his belief in jihad against Jews and anyone who did not believe in Islam. He also asserted that moderate Muslims were not true Muslims. When this man was asked for his name and an email address to continue the conversation privately, he refused to give any contact information. Later, it was found out that he was not a student at York, but rather came with a group of other men from a mosque in Toronto to preach their radical ideology to as many students as possible.

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