Members of the Centre for Equal Opportunities and Opposition of Racism (CGKR) expressed racist views during a 'multicultural communications' course for high-level police officials. The course was given by two female lecturers.

David Vroome (43), a police commissioner for the federal police, attended the course with twenty colleagues. He told Jewish news-site Joods Actueel that a Turkish lecturer made several questionable comments about gays, and then came down on the Jewish community.

The lecturer spoke of several ethno-cultural communities in Brussels who live in their own neighborhoods, have their own shops and restaurants, but also have their own way of life: such as the Chines, Japanese and Eurocrats. Then she turned to the Jewish community. She said those people allow themselves everything because they have money and financial power, but also because Jews continuously bring up the past - a reference to the Holocaust, which, according to the lecturer, Belgium had nothing to do with.

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