Bat Ye'or's 2005 Eurabia: the Euro-Arab Axis portrayed Western Europe's recrudescent dhimmitude, chronicled in real time, by our most informed contemporary scholar of the dhimmi condition. Living as an eyewitness in Geneva -- a major European center, with its United Nations, NGOs and other international fora -- Bat Ye'or described in painstaking detail, the ongoing transformation of Europe into "Eurabia," a cultural and political appendage of the Arab/Muslim world.

The use of the term "Eurabia," she noted, was first introduced, triumphantly, in 1975 as the title of a journal, Eurabia (catalogued at WorldCat; 1975-1977) edited by the President of the Association for Franco-Arab Solidarity, Lucien Bitterlein, and published collaboratively by the Groupe d'Etudes sur le Moyen-Orient (Geneva), France-Pays Arabes (Paris), and the Middle East International (London). The articles and editorials in this (1975-77) publication called for common Euro-Arab positions, at every level -- social, economic, and commercial -- and were contingent upon the fundamental political condition of European support for the Arab (and non-Arab) Muslim umma's jihad against Israel. These concrete proposals were not the musings of isolated theorists -- they in fact represented policy decisions conceived in conjunction with, and actualized by, European state leaders, their ministers of foreign affairs, and European Parliamentarians.

Now, a mere six years later, in her newly released "Europe, Globalization, and the Coming Universal Caliphate," Bat Ye'or updates her analysis to demonstrate how Western Europe's ongoing, morally grotesque Eurabian metamorphosis is actively advancing -- via the United Nations, in particular -- Islam's eternal quest for earthly domination under the Sharia, i.e., a global Caliphate.

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