The Dissenters

In September 2010, a group of prominent leaders from the Intelligence and Law Enforcement community (Team B II) stepped out by producing a report entitled, "Shariah: The Threat to America" in which Islamic Law and the Muslim Brotherhood's Islamic Movement in America were detailed and exposed. Team Members include former Director of Central Intelligence R. James Woolsey, former Deputy Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, former Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency Lieutenant General Ed Soyster, former Inspector General of the Department of Defense the Honorable Joseph Schmitz, former Chief Prosecutor for Counterterrorism at the U.S. Attorney's Office in New York City Andrew McCarthy, and a host of others.

This team of people challenged the direction of the U.S. government, outlined the dangers of failing to grasp the enemy threat doctrine, and chastised government officials for working with and taking advice from a stated enemy – the Muslim Brotherhood. Since this report was published, former National Security Advisers, Attorney Generals, and other former senior U.S. officials have been briefed on this information and see the imposition of Shariah as the enemy's threat doctrine and as a direct threat to the United States.

Team B II members teaching and training the law enforcement, intelligence, and military communities about the threat from the Islamic Movement and Shariah have increasingly come under pressure to stop their work. In February 2011, Muslim Brotherhood entities began speaking openly in government spaces, including Capitol Hill, about the "cottage industry" of counterterrorism, and railed against the "fear-mongering" that Islamic Law was "somehow a threat to Americans." The arguments were never made factually. They were almost always ad hominem attacks, usually naming individual American citizens who were teaching or financially supporting the training efforts the government should have been conducting in the first place. However, this was the beginning of a growing overt attack on those seeking to share the factual analysis of the enemy threat doctrine with those who need to know it to perform their daily security duties.

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