American Muslims are debating key questions of loyalty to America, a debate in which the stakes could not be higher. Alarmingly, "no fewer than four United States citizens and a permanent U.S. resident have risen to senior leadership posts within al-Qaeda," according to an Investors Business Daily editorial by Paul Sperry. Thus, "five English-speaking leaders are actively planning or facilitating attacks against their countrymen, while recruiting and radicalizing other American turncoats to carry them out."

The implications of this are frightening.  No longer is America at war with a foreign enemy. The enemy is here -- an enemy who understands how "America works, having lived here for decades." Thus, fellow Americans are recruited by the enemy. These traitors are "fed by a native Muslim population once believed [to be] ... nonthreatening." Is this an aberration, or does Islam condone and promote this disloyalty?

Special Dispatch No. 3162, published on August 12, 2010 by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), helps to shed light on this question. The Dispatch highlights the rulings posted on the website of the Assembly of Muslim Jurists in America. Included "under the category 'Matters Pertaining to Muslim Minorities [in Western Countries]' were answers to questions regarding the legitimacy of cooperating with United States security forces in the war on terror -- both on American soil and abroad -- as well as the legitimacy of enlisting in the ranks of these forces."

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