Is America paying attention?  Once again news out of the United Kingdom warns us of the spread and influence of radical views among high percentages of Muslims.  While the Left continues to claim that fears of Islamo-facism and the spread of Sharia is a red herring, our neighbors over the pond are living in the realization of those fears.

Of the many recent leaks by Wikileaks, one  involved some research the American government utilized in early 2009.  In hopes of better understanding Muslim college students in the UK, our government paid attention to a survey done by The Centre for Social Cohesion out of England.  The study questioned both Muslim and non-Muslim students in 30 British universities on their views of Islam.  The CSC survey is a massive report called "Islam on Campus".

The statistic that stood out the most was that 32% of Muslim college students believe it is OK to kill someone in the name of religion.  Most who held that belief said that killing is perfectly fine if you are defending your religion.  So it shouldn't be surprising that another CSC study (done in July 2010) revealed that 1/3 of terrorist attacks done by British Muslims the last ten years was done by people who had attended universities.

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