Earlier today in Nantes, France, two women—three women really–actually came to blows over the burqa. The burqa wearer (actually, the niqab wearer), claims that she heard two women, one a 60-year-old lawyer, make "snide" and "insulting" remarks about burqa wearers. The lawyer and her daughter claim that the burqa wearer physically assaulted them. After which, the lawyer ripped off her veil.

One thing is clear: The shop manager and the burqa wearer's husband "moved in to break up the fighting." Everyone was arrested. Of course, the burqa wearer has filed a complaint for "an insult of ethnic, racial, or religious character"; the lawyer and her daughter have filed a complaint for violence.

Both narratives are entirely plausible. Many Westerners are not comfortable around burqa wearers, do not want to see them, and fear that they represent a hostile fundamentalism that does not respect Western culture or values. Worse: Burqas are also connected to militant jihad against Western civilians. Many Muslim and ex-Muslim feminists, as well as secularists and feminists of all faiths, view the burqa as a violation of women's rights and as a serious health hazard. I have written about this HERE. Others, including Daniel Pipes, view it as a security risk—homicide bombers and bank robbers may be hiding under that face mask or full head and body covering.

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