What is it with middle-class Englishwomen and the headscarf? Why do so many ladies from the most sexually-liberated and educated society in history just crave the feel of fabric against their hair?

I was struck by this thought when watching Jihad Jenny Tonge being interviewed by Lauren Booth on Iran's Press TV – the Liberal Democrat peer, you will remember, was fired after calling for an inquiry into allegations that Israeli soldiers supporting the relief effort in Haiti had been involved with organ-trafficking.

Lauren Booth and myself have something in common – we both used to work for the same lad's mag years ago, although at different times and in different roles. She was their sex agony-aunt, I was the office dogsbody and gimp. Since then she's migrated to the New Statesman and Left-wing journalism before embracing the Palestinian cause, Press TV and the Islam channel, where she's regularly seen in the uniform of the modern British Left, the Arab headscarf.

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