The civilized, peace-seeking world understandably recoils any time extremists threaten violence against people for trafficking in the free flow of ideas.

So it's been no surprise that cartoonists have been casting about for the best way to express their outrage at Muslim fanatics who have been threatening cartoonists who have dared to satirize the prophet Muhammad.

One form of counter-protest can be seen floating around the Internet — a series of cartoons that are inartful at best and offensive at worst — depicting Islam's most sacred figure as a nut or a thug. The message seems to be: Violent incitement should be met with mindless provocation.

Cartoonist Wiley Miller gets credit for offering a more precise and reasoned rejoinder with his "Non Sequitur" offering of Oct. 3. The only hitch: the Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle, Washington Post and many other papers pulled the cartoon that had been drawn to highlight the madness of the extremists and the hypersensitivity of the media.

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