Last week, a two-episode South Park storyline centering around the Islamic prophet Muhammad sparked a mess of controversy for portraying what the show's characters thought was Muhammad in a bear costume (it turned out to be Santa Claus).

After the first episode aired, South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker received threats from RevolutionMuslim.com "warning" them they could end up like Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh. Van Gogh was brutally assassinated by Mohammed Bouyeri, a Dutch-Moroccan Muslim, for co-producing the film Submission. It focused on the violence women are subjected to in the Islamic world.

As a result of the thinly veiled threat, Comedy Central — against the South Park creators' wishes — censored every utterance of Muhammad's name in the second episode, as well as a customary "what I learned today" speech despite it not even mentioning Muhammad.

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