As former U.S. ambassador to the UN John Bolton put it, "For the Obama administration, this is an exercise in self flagellation, which they seem to enjoy. But it doesn't prompt equivalent candor from the real rights abusers."

First, the Obama administration erred when it decided to join the dysfunctional Human Rights Council last year, thereby legitimizing it. Nothing changed as a result of our participation. One-sided condemnations of Israel continued to pour out of the council while the world's true human rights abusers were let off the hook. The council also continued its regular practice of passing resolutions declaring "defamation of religions" (specifically Islam) to be a violation of international law.

Second, the Obama State Department embarrassed the United States when it submitted a self-critical report to the council that highlighted the Arizona anti-illegal immigration law and alleged discrimination against Muslim Americans. In fact, the Obama administration went out of its way while preparing the report to consult, in its own words, "with Muslims, Native Americans, African Americans and other minority groups, to assess the extent of domestic rights violations."

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