A noted expert on the Islamic movement in the U.S. and aboard says a mosque at New York's Ground Zero would be seen by Muslims worldwide as a significant victory in ultimately bringing Islam's Sharia law to America.

Stephen Coughlin, a former Pentagon adviser on Islam who now briefs organizations on the Islamic movement's true goals, told HUMAN EVENTS that type of victory is the objective of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, the mosque's sponsor.

"Among other things, it's to establish a triumph by establishing its mission of 'Dawa,' just like Rauf's book suggested when published in its original title," said Coughlin. "I also think it's close to the nature of what it is to open a mosque. It opens up a seat of government. When a mosque is open, there's a claim of territory. When you open a mosque it establishes Islamic law within the purview of the mosque. There is a history of Islam putting up mosques that are associated with claims of victory."

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