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A former Watergate felon has the key to fighting terrorist recruitment in America's prisons: Bring in more Christians.

The threat is real. Terrorist recruiting is growing at prisons worldwide, according to a new study titled "Prisons and Terrorism: Radicalization and De-radicalization in 15 Countries," published by the International Centre for the Study of Radicalization and Political Violence. The study notes that prisons have "played an enormous role in the narratives of every radical and militant movement in the modern period."

The report found that Islamic radical groups such as al Qaeda are particularly active in prison recruitment and networking because they "see it as their duty to propagate their faith and political ideology (dawa)." To them, a prison "constitutes a potentially fruitful place for conversion and radicalization," and they "consequently exploit whatever opportunities they are offered to approach other offenders and turn them into followers of the group."

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