The Left is not just ga-ga over blacks. Radical Islam is as captivating to them as a rare, exotic bird. Let's call this other fetish Muslimphilia.

Radical Islam, of course, poses an even greater danger to the West. And they wage not only war against the West but towards their own people. Women aren't just treated as a man's mattress. In many Islamic nations, women are kept in abject servitude.

And it's not just women: in many Muslim cultures, homosexuals are beaten, imprisoned, even stoned to death. Pedophilia is rampant within a culture that perverts healthy sexuality. And yet liberals, supposed advocates of the oppressed, don't utter a peep.

Some liberal luminaries, such as Anette Bening, and Naomi Wolf, go one step further and actually advocate practices that ravage women and children. While living in the lap of luxury and freedom, they don head scarves and defend the dreaded Burqua.

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