The world should be thanking Jumanah Imad Albahri, the by now infamous Hezbollah and Hamas supporting MSA student at University of California San Diego who, at a recent David Horowitz lecture, publicly demonstrated the true face of anti-Israel activism on campuses.

As universities around the globe wrap up for the summer, many students will leave unaware that the liberalism they claim to stand for is often quite false. Case in point: The Middle East Forum has reported that the Saudi government has spent $87 billion spreading radical Islam in the last decade. As a clear product of this activity, we have seen a frightening increase in campuses around the globe hosting "Israel Apartheid Week." More non-Muslim students have become active in these events in conjunction with the Muslim Student Association (MSA), the Pan-Arab radical Islam organization that is the derivation of these Saudi funds.

When watching the short YouTube video of the MSA student at UCSD (that proved to the world how MSA actively supports terrorism) I remembered back a year ago when my Sderot Media Center event at DePaul University was hijacked by MSA and Students for Justice in Palestine (SJP) along with their following of false liberals. As I described a year ago in the Jerusalem Post article, Shell-shocked in DePaul, what these so-called liberals were preventing was free speech and what they were promoting was everything that liberalism has historically fought against. Due to the radical response of these MSA students and false liberals, this incident made the Anti-Defamation League's top four 2009 anti-Semitic campus events of the year.

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