The Muslim Association of Canada (MAC), a non-profit organization affiliated with the Muslim Brotherhood that, according to Meili Faille (Bloc Québécois MP), maintains a permanent presence on Parliament Hill, will hold a conference entitled The Rise of Islamophobia: A Rational Approach to Irrational Fears in Ottawa on November 7th. Pannelists linked to the Muslims Brotherhood will discuss their perception of the rise of islamophobia in the West at the request of the Youth division of the MAC. The organizers refer to "the Hijab ban in France; faith-based arbitration, faith-based schools; Hérouxville; the banning of minarets in Switzerland; the niqab debate; Tariq Ramadan's visit; NYC ground zero mosque; banning of Imam Zijad Delic" as evidence that the West is becoming increasingly Islamophobic. The organization will examine the best way to interpret these events and to manage them constructively, taking for granted that the diagnosis of islamophobia is the correct one.


The concept of islamophobia was developed in the 1980s by Islamists as they attempted to delegitimize all criticism of their political project by lumping it together with an irrational hatred of all Muslims. This confusion between islamophobia and the criticism of the ideology adopted by Islamists and the Muslim Brotherhood is a strategy designed to silence all opposition to this totalitarian movement. The most vocal critics of Islamism - and especially of the Muslim Brotherhood - are Muslims themselves, as demonstrated during the last three of Tariq Ramadan's visits to Montreal, as well as by the recent cancellation of Imam Delic's speech at the Canadian Department of National Defence.

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