Flames were once again to be seen in a Swedish suburb Tuesday night, as buildings and cars in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby were torched by youths in the area.

The disturbances started Monday night when a group of youths were refused entry to a party celebrating the end of the school year. They then began to pull up street cobblestones and slabs of pavement and throw them at police. Then they started setting light to parked cars, and even a local bank ended up being set on fire. Firemen who came to put out the fires were then also set upon by the gang of up to 60 youths, according to news agency TT.

Disturbances started again Tuesday as night fell, and arsonists torched motorbikes and cars, as well as trying to light the local police station. They then moved on to a high school in the area, razing it to the ground. Firefighters were unable to get close enough to the school to fight the fire due to the stone-throwing youths.

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