Muslims must hate cartoons, right? At least that's how things seem if you read the news these days. The most recent incident involves the famous Comedy Central cartoon "South Park," which depicted the Prophet Muhammad as a teddy bear, the Prophet Buddha snorting cocaine and the Prophet Jesus watching pornography.

What's the result? An apparent "war" between Islam and free speech. An extreme group calling itself "Revolution Muslim" issued a threat to "South Park's" producers that they would face death if they didn't recall this episode. The man who wrote the threat continued on his personal Twitter account to write about the cartoon's creators: "May Allah kill Matt Stone and Trey Parker and burn them in Hell for all eternity."

Many are rightfully outraged that a cartoon episode would trigger such a violent response. The problem is that people have begun thinking that Islam requires a special pass for its followers, and that's not true. Islam is not for censorship. Islam is not for violence or threats of violence. The implicit death threats from "Revolution Muslim" are completely unwarranted and outside the pale of Islam.

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