Islam protects the soul, honour, wealth, religion and health. Whatever harms these is forbidden under Islamic law.

This also applies to the drug khat, a stimulant that is chewed frequently in Somalia. Its consumption has been on the increase among Somalis living in Finland.

This was the message at the lecture hall of Helsinki's Pasila Library on Monday, at a seminar on intoxicants held by the Somali League in Finland in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. The topic was not limited to just this seminar. Plans are to produce a book on intoxicants, written by Abdirashid Awad Dirie, the treasurer of the Somali League.

He also takes up tobacco, illegal drugs, and the favourite intoxicant used by Finns - alcohol. Many Finns can guess the upshot of the message: it's best not to get involved with any of them.

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