Depending on a person's perspective, Florida pastors Blake and Beverly Lorenz could be viewed as either the heroes who saved Fathima Rifqa Bary's life or the manipulators who exploited her.

Either way, the Lorenzes now are allowed phone contact with Rifqa, 17, while she's living in a foster home.

Rifqa's counselor agreed to unsupervised contact, but Magistrate Lorenzo Sanchez said yesterday in Franklin County Juvenile Court that any phone calls must be supervised.

The Lorenzes are under investigation in Florida regarding the circumstances under which Rifqa came to be living with them after she ran away from her Northeast Side home in July, said Kristen Chernosky, a spokeswoman with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Chernosky would not release additional information about the investigation. No charges have been filed against the couple.

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