Power giant Southern California Edison, the largest subsidiary of Edison International, is not where one would expect to find Fadia Rafeedie as in-house counsel. This UC Berkeley and Yale-educated lawyer who was quoted in a 2000 UC Berkeley press release as saying that after law school she "plans to become an activist-scholar in the Arab world as an advocate for the rights of the Palestinian community" doesn't seem the model candidate for such a big-time corporate gig.

Fadia Rafeedie

But since March 2010, that's where she's been. And this young woman who has never shied away from the spotlight has been oddly reticent about discussing her new job as counsel to SoCal Edison (which supplies electricity to most of Southern California). This is probably due in no small part to the fact that Ms. Rafeedie's past exploits are enough to give even the most seasoned Edison PR damage-control experts hives.

Fadia Issam Rafeedie has had a long, outspoken history of Muslim radicalism. So how did this Ohio-born, Southern California-raised daughter of Palestinian immigrants go from championing suicide bombers and Holocaust denial to representing SoCal Edison? It's probably best to begin with a look at her mentor and former employer, Ibrahim Alloush.

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