If Mayor Michael Bloomberg ever decides to stop buying his way around New York City's term-limit law, he'd be a perfect fit at the State Department.

Hizzoner was not content with having embarrassed himself by predicting that the attempted bombing of Times Square — the heart of a city that has been a jihadist target for 17 years — would prove to be the work of a disgruntled right-winger upset over the health-care bill. Bloomberg has now treated us to a cri de coeur in favor of the Ground Zero mosque. Funding sources for this project, originally known as the "Cordoba Initiative" in honor of the caliphate that conquered Spain, remain unknown. What is known is that the gigantic Islamic center would be located near the crater where Islamist terrorists killed more than 2,700 Americans while destroying the World Trade Center.

Mayor Bloomberg is clearly ready for prime time in the State Department's production division: It was only last year that our foreign service used your tax dollars to broadcast, on its website, a little movie called "Eid in America." Eid, the occasion for this exercise in cinematic hagiography, is the feast that ends what our government takes pains to call "the holy month of Ramadan" and commemorates with gala dinners around Washington. The star of the video was the Dar al-Hijrah Islamic Center — and accompanying mosque — in Falls Church, Va.

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