So many educated people are afflicted by the equivalent of a blank stare where genuine thought should exist. It's as if they're sleepwalkers, oblivious to reality, or under plexiglass, where they can't hear anything with which they don't already agree.

Here's a case in point. A woman who identifies herself as a professor at a Chicago university (it's Northeastern Illinois) publishes this touching note in the New York (Muslim) Times today. Gail Dreyfuss describes an "encounter" she had with a student who was wearing both hijab (a headscarf) and a pin which read "I am a Muslim." I guess the student did not want anyone mistaking her for … a Buddhist or a Jew; perhaps the student did not think that westerners know that a wearing a tight "headscarf which framed her face" meant she was a Muslim.

Dreyfuss, a professor of Linguistics, asked her student if she had a "spare pin." The student took off her own. The professor "wore it all day and received only positive reactions from students and staff members."

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