A group called the Muslims of the Americas is threatening to sue the Christian Action Network (CAN) for a YouTube video where an MOA member is confronted at the Muslim Day Parade in Washington, D.C. in September by several citizens concerned about the group's extremism and paramilitary training of its members. (Full disclosure: I work as a national security researcher for CAN.) Unfortunately for MOA, the tape in question was made by members of the American Congress for Truth, not the Christian Action Network. The MOA is reacting to CAN's pressure by trying to silence the organization and label them as anti-Muslim hate-mongers that are part of an evil Zionist plot.

The legal notice denounces the ACT members' characterization of MOA's isolated communities as "compounds" and "training camps" as being "false and defamatory" but does not deny that paramilitary training takes place at these sites. In December, CAN published a YouTube video showing excerpts of two tapes provided to me as the national security researcher for the organization by a confidential law enforcement source where MOA's female recruits are seen receiving guerilla warfare training at their headquarters in New York called "Islamberg."

They are seen practicing the scaling of fabricated walls, combat involving knives and swords including throat slitting, moving with stealth, marching in military formation and fatigue, and simulating ambushes culminating in firing guns into a lake. The second tape explains the meaning behind this training. Two leaders from MOA are shown declaring the United States a Muslim country and warning that they "will not stand idly by and let our country be destroyed" and they will defend it from both foreign and domestic enemies targeting Muslims.

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