A conference entitled Nos Familles, Nos Fondations (Our Families, Our Foundations) will shortly take place on Sept. 25 at the Palais des congrès de Montréal (the convention centre). The conference, sponsored by Islamic Relief Canada, a well-known organization which is headquartered in Great Britain, is the product of the alliances of the broad Muslim Brotherhood movement. The Muslim Brotherhood is a politico-religious pan-Islamic organization founded in Egypt in 1928 with the goal of extending its political ideology by the introduction of Sharia law as the ultimate and exclusive source of law. In the West, this movement is hard at work at increasing its networks and its alliances, reinforcing its think tanks, all in order to advance its cause. Even in Quebec.

The ideological profile of the organizers of this conference (including Mr. Jamal Badawi who until recently was still attached to the Muslim Association of Canada, an Islamist organization which does not hide its affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood ideology), is a reason for concern. We have a right to ask ourselves the following question: do we really want this movement to be strengthened in Quebec? As a free society, we must question ourselves on the aims of this movement, whose activism does not help in any way the integration of Muslims in Quebec. This conference has a double objective: to serve as a militant "home base" for the participants who must obviously avoid sensitive topics becoming too open and a seduction campaign made-to-order for an "open society" and for the uninitiated of the ways of Islamist preacher Tariq Ramadan "to defuse tensions." The Islamist communities in the world are keeping an eye on this event. Is this reassuring? What do our elected officials think?

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