The Ottawa Police Service, RCMP and CSIS personnel should be applauded for their vigilance, insight and courage for recently apprehending a group of alleged terrorists from amidst us. They are doing the heavy lifting to deter terrorism. As citizens of Ottawa we all have to do our part to help them.

Primarily, it must be the personal responsibility of each and every Muslim to eradicate the menace of religious radicalism from among us. This cannot be left to a collective -- the Muslim community.

The recent edicts opposing terrorism by the Council of Imams created hype for the media and in inter-faith circles but most Muslims have not even read them. The role and the office of the designated imams have been reduced to lead the daily prayers and to issue edicts only. The seeds of the homegrown radicalism are the numerous Islamic ideologues, activists and their self-serving organizations who have force-grafted themselves to the mosque to veil their political agendas. They are often well-funded, well-educated and well-organized. Thus they are better placed to deal with the politicians and the three levels of government in public. They have seized the real power behind the pulpit.

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