When a Boston activist took issue with political and religious leaders embracing what he finds to be a radical Islamist group, community and religious leaders fired back. Charles Jacobs was advised in a letter signed by dozens of rabbis "to discontinue his destructive campaign against Boston's Muslim community, which is based on innuendo, half-truths and unproven conspiracy theories."

In a column, Zuhdi Jasser, founder of the anti-Islamist American Islamic Forum for Democracy, advises Jacobs' critics and political leaders to stop treating the American Muslim community as a monolith. It's a mistake to interpret all mosque leadership as representative of their broader communities, Jasser writes:

"From the inside, many if not most of our mosques in American Islam are suffering deeply from the unopposed hegemony of Islamists like the Muslim Brotherhood and toxic foreign petrodollar interests. For exposing this 'tough love,' reformists often pay a heavy price. This is not 'fear-mongering.' It is reality."

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