"Islam is not, even after all the apologizing and equivocating of our elected political officials, a doctrine that has historically spread through peaceful and reasonable means. It remains the only religious doctrine of which I am aware, thanks to the elucidating works of Robert Spencer, that mandates violence against people who are not followers and believers. The West has yet to fully awaken to that reality."

This is the conclusion of NewsReal Blogger, John L. Work's article Westerners Make Huge Mistake In Evaluation Of Islam. Work introduces NRB readers to the new documentary by Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch. Spencer is one of the few scholars in the West who has the courage to declare that the anomaly in Islam is not "radical extremism," but what we self-soothingly refer to as "moderate Islam."

Central to Islam is the directive to wage Jihad, to bring about the universal imposition of Islamic Sharia Law, in all its vicious and totalitarian splendor. The degree of violence by which Jihad is waged depends on the circumstances, but the goal and obligation for each true Muslim to be involved remain. In Western countries, it behooves Muslims to disguise their intentions while engaging in what Spencer named, "Stealth Jihad."

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